D-DOG’S BBQ Apple Rub

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Here’s my review of D-DOG’S Apple Rub. Sorry it took so long to get to, but its been a busy summer.

After receiving it the first thing i had to do was to open it and take a big sniff.

Wow, what a great smell. You can tell this is gonna be good.

In my fridge was a fresh pork butt waiting for a massage  then a smoke.

After putting the rub on I wrapped it in plastic wrap and

put it back in the fridge for about an hour.

After removing from the fridge i also injected

it with apple juice.

Now it was time to throw it on the smoker.

I’m using a Brinkmann Electric Smoker with

apple wood chunks and water with apple juice in the water pan

at a temp of 250 degrees.

This pork butt will be on the smoker for about

10hrs or until it reaches 180 degrees.

Now lets fast forward 10hrs to the finished goodness.

So after letting it rest for an hour wrapped in tin foil,

a 10min drive to Nikos Pizza & Gyros, and mouth-watering.

I let my good friend Jimmy (The Greek) try it first,

because if he likes it I know its gonna be good.

I got approval from him saying it was the best I made so far.

Wow it was good. All four of us there almost polished off the entire pork butt

in about 15 minutes.

With that said, D-DOGS BBQ hit the nail on the head with this rub.

I would highly recommend D-DOGS Apple Rub to anyone

that likes apples or just wants a rub that won’t burn your mouth off.

Great job D-DOGS BBQ can’t wait to try it again.

You can find a link to their website on the homepage.


“Grill Wars” video

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Here’s a video from “Grill Wars 2010” Hope you like it.

The Hardware



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 June 25 2010

Hello, BBQ’ ers and Grillers! This is my very first blog post, so still trying to get my stuff together.

 Just to let you know I’m not good at spelling and this blog is just for fun, but the reviews I give will be my

HONEST opinion.  Later this week I will post more about my families experience at “Grill Wars.”

Thanks for checking it out. Stay tuned for more.